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Colin Spencer


An Absurd Affair 1961 Longmans
Poppy, Mandragora And The New Sex 1965 Anthony Blond
Asylum 1966 Anthony Blond
Panic 1970 Secker & Warburg
How The Greeks Kidnapped Mrs Nixon 1974 Quartet Books
Novel sequence called GENERATION:    
Anarchists In Love 1963 Eyre & Spottiswood
The Tyranny Of Love 1967 Anthony Blond
Lovers In War 1969 Anthony Blond
The Victims Of Love 1978 Quartet Books
Reports From Behind (with Chris Barlas) 1984 Enigma Books
Which Of Us Two? 1990 Viking (1991 Penguin)
The Heretic's Feast - a History of Vegetarianism 1995 Univ.New England
Homosexuality - a History 1995 Fourth Estate
The Gay Kama Sutra 1996 Allen & Unwin
British Food - an extraordinary thousand years of history 2002 Grub Street

From Microliths to Microwaves, the evolution of British Agriculture, food and cooking

2011 Grub Street
Vandal Rule OK? 1975 Documentary on vandalism written, narrated and presented by Colin Spencer
Flossie 1974 TV play
Numerous Food File news items on food issues 80s and early 90s  
The Writers and Readers Road Show, with Sir Roy Strong April 2003 BBC4
Tasting History 2004 Anglia TV
The Ballad Of The False Barman 1968 Hampstead
Spitting Image 1969 Duke of Yorks, London, New York & Australia
The Sphinx Mother 1972 Salzburg Festival
The Trial Of St George 1974 Soho Poly
Why Mrs Neustadter Always Loses 1975 Soho Poly
Keep It In The Family (One act play written and directed by Colin Spencer) 1977 Soho Poly
Lilith - Schauspielhaus 1979 Vienna
Gourmet Cooking For Vegetarians 1978 Andrew Deutsch
  1980 Robin Clark
Good And Healthy 1983 Robson Books
Colin Spencer's Vegetarian/ Wholefood Cookbook 1985 Panther Books
Cordon Vert 1985 Thorsons
Mediterranean Vegetarian Cooking 1986 Thorsons
The Vegetarians' Healthy Diet Book 1986 Martin Dunitz
The New Vegetarian 1986 Elm Tree Books
Colin Spencer's Fish Cookbook 1986 Pan Books
One Course Feasts 1986 Conran Octopus
Feast For Health 1987 Dorling Kindersley
Al Fresco 1987 Thorsons
The Romantic Vegetarian 1988 Thorsons
The Adventurous Vegetarian 1989 Cassells
Vegetable Pleasures 1992 Fourth Estate
Colin Spencer's Vegetable Guide 1995 Conran Octopus
Green Gastronomy 1996 Bloomsbury
Mainly Vegetables 1998 Brilliant Books
The Faber Book of Food,an anthology with Claire Clifton 1994 Faber & Faber